Monday, May 6, 2019

Lindsey and Matthew

Lindsey Gonzales and Matthew Whittmore
Became Mr. and Mrs. Whittmore at Cochino Lodge
The day was filled with sunshine.  The East Lawn at Cochino had kite flying, fishing, football, bubble blowing and a lot of laughing and fun going on. Everyone was waiting for the wedding to begin.  Moms of the bride...…..decorated beautifully. The Forest wedding site was beautiful. The walkway to the alter was lined with flowers and magnolia leaves. The arch had magnolia flowers and greenery and was beautiful as well. Many guest attended and made their way into the forest to witness the vows being made.  The Enchanted Forest was so welcoming to the guests and bride and groom. Tall pines towering overhead reaching toward the heavens where all those who had gone before were watching from the heavens this beautiful occasion and all family and friends. 
The reception area was adorned with nature and a forest feel with antlers, log slices, burlap and floral arrangements of magnolia flowers and leaves rounded it out.  When the couple were pronounced man and wife,  the son of the bride and groom rang his bell loud and clear. Great meaning for the ringing of the bell that was highlighted at the ceremony.  It was a reminder of a great healing and a great union of Lindsey and Matthew and Family.


                               Dalton Gauthier, wedding Music, Sound and Event orchestrator.
                                                  Dalton Gauthier, Music from the Forest.



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