Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Wedding Venue Lufkin, Texas Lufkin, Nacogdoches,San Augustine, Livingston, Center, Diboll, Douglass,Alto, Wells,Groveton,Applesprings, Crockett Texas Wedding Venue

The Unique East Texas Wedding Venue.  Great for Outdoor Weddings and a protected Mid Deck Retreat for those rainy days , indoor area for reception ,large parlor and a tree house deck ready for your imagination.  

     East Texas Weddings....Plan your next adventure in the heart of Davy Crockett National Forest. Enjoy the unique atmosphere that Cochino has to offer. Cochino is just minutes from Lufkin, Texas , Angelina County with a scenic drive to Cochino as well as minutes from Houston County's Crockett, Texas, Groveton, Pennington, Centralia, Little Centerville, with Nacogdoches a little further. St. Augustine, Livingston, Jasper, Center and everything inbetween.   The Cochino Lodge with inside table seating for 90 also (Mid Deck  has 14 -6 foot tables  and serpentine or u-shaped table for total seating of  150 ) Dance Deck with 14 bistro tables and  - 6foot tables for a total of 60- or more seating)  old items from a distant era, full kitchen, bar, and two bathrooms inside. Pier and Boat House  on the lake. Enjoy a mile long nature trail with abundant plant life and signs of many animals as they hide from the visitor. Enjoy the 45 acre lake and the waterfowl that make it their home. Go Fishing before and after the Wedding if you choose. While relaxing on the veranda, watch the sun set, as the sounds of night begin to entertain, the birds return to their nests, and the clouds give way to the constellations. A beautiful view, relaxing times, and a memory that will last forever.

A perfect time for the Wedding to Begin.

For the Perfect Wedding and to minimize stress consider Cochino Lodge. Brides from Lufkin, Texas and surrounding areas of Crockett, Nacogdoches, Kennard, Pennington, Groveton have enjoyed weddings here. As well as St. Augustine, Center, Jasper, Livingston, Madisonville, Hunninton, Hudson and Etoile, etc.  The following is furnished for your pleasure and included in the basic price:

Tables, chairs, table cloths(cloths furnished for inside lobby) (seating inside 90, plus the mid-deck and dance deck ; Gallery and lawn seating, choice of several  trellis, wire flower baskets, 200 white gardenchairs for outside weddings or use church benches and pews, white lights placed inside and out, white swag tulle in place, 10 large rockers for veranda, Cake table, Candy or cookie buffet area, Cake server, silver candlebras, mirror, lot of Vases and Candy Buffet Containers, lace tablecloth, beverage cooler, artificial greenery, 14 large round tables and chairs for mid deck, 3 large  60 inch tables and chairs and 14 tall bistro tables and stools for dance deck, small ice machine. Ring the traditional bell when the couple are married, tables inside lodge have basic decor that you may or may not use or add to as you desire. The lodge is Wedding Ready, all you have to do is to add the finishing touches yourself and set up your chairs and trellis as you would like it to be. You may choose to come the day before to decorate and practice your ceremony. Cozy Cabins are available for rent: Steed Cabin (2 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen/living, front porch), Cricket House (Queen Bed-bedroom/bath), Boat House (located on the water . Has bedroom and King Bed with deck to enjoy lake--Unique)Crib bedroom with king bed and regular bed. Minnie-marie cottage  sleeps 6, Gypsy sleeps 4.  Bird sleeps 2.

For more information please contact :
Suzanne Steed
936-655-3295 (Home) leave message if no answer
email at  cochinolodge@gmail.com

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cochino Lodge Location

 Directions to Cochino Lodge
31deg 19'  01.17" N
95 deg 06' 40.50"W

Before you Visit, Please Call for Time and Appointment

I am very flexible but have to be notified first.

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Cochino Lodge  Kennard, Texas

Monday, February 27, 2017

David and Sharee now Mr. and Mrs. Washington

    WOW !!!!!!
The Washingtons
David and Sharee

What a wedding!!!!!  Cochino Lodge was alive with a grand ceremony, music, food and visiting of families and friends. .....and dancing.   Families were from Weeping Mary, Alto, Diboll, Buda, Lufkin, Houston and various other points in Texas. Music was by DJ XO and  friends  of Houston who kept the crowd dancing the night away. 

Four Generations  were present. Bessie Mae Parker, oldest guest at 92 years old, was a guest of honor. Her son, Harvey Parker,  performed the ceremony and her grandson was the Groom. Ms. Parker, a beautiful and very young woman,  still lives in Weeping Mary a beautiful community near Alto that has a rich history of many generations. She is the oldest woman in Weeping Mary and a Relative is the oldest man. So at this wedding, History was very prominent and a part of the celebration.
The Bride and Groom married in front of the Chapel where Allen Chapel benches seated the guests. History still alive and well with the Benches which were a part of many Sundays and celebrations years before at Allen Chapel near Kennard. Thank you for this gift , Allen Chapel. 

The Reception dinner was a grande feast.  Fried and baked  Chicken, Brisket , Turnip Greens, Corn on the Cob, black-eyed peas, pinto beans , creamed potatoes and gravy, Cabbage, Corn bread.  The candy bar was huge and filled with all sorts of candies and flavored popcorn. Cup cakes and the Bride and Groom's cakes were also greatly enjoyed.  The guests ate in the Reception area as well as near the chapel on outdoor tables and along the veranda enjoying the wooded view and lake.  They enjoyed the sun setting. The temperature was wonderful.
This was a wonderful wedding. I enjoyed meeting everyone and making new acquaintances. I hope to see them at another wedding in the near future.
This couple will live happily ever after and be a part of each other's lives always.

beautiful sisters

Beautiful Bride.

 My favorite, I love the way he was looking at his bride.

The East Lawn of Cochino . A great crowd. It is about to be spring. 

Beautiful daughter of the Bride. Classic beauty.