Friday, March 29, 2019

They Became Mr. and Mrs. Collins at Cochino Lodge

Blake Collins and Kayla Johnson
The young couple's Wedding was in the Forest of Cochino Lodge at dusk.  It was mystical.   Witnessing the couples vows to each other were not only family and friends, but the trees some who been there over a century and seem to guard and guide those who pass through.  If Trees could talk, they would have told the young couple to "stand tall and straight' we do.    "Give shade to those who pass by."    "Provide warmth" on cold days by offering refuge.  "Provide a home for living creatures."   "Enjoy what nature has to offer"....'the wind in the trees, leaves of all colors, the quietness and marvel at its magic'.  It is yours to have as your mentor.
A large crowd gathered to witness the union of Blake and Kayla. Each had wedding vows to each other as well as traditional wedding vows.  A banquet of delicious food was prepared for the guests beginning with a 15 foot long table filled with fruits of all kinds, varieties of cheeses and nuts displayed on wooden vessels and atop vintage boxes and small barrels. It was a feast for  the king and queen and their guests that the families had created for them to enjoy  The banquet in the reception area followed and was equally enjoyed and delicious. 
The forest entry was through tall doors made by Dalton Gauthier and flanked on each side with log bolts  and  candles on top.  The ceremony walk way was lined with large pots of ferns, more log bolts-with lanterns and a walkway arched with curly willow lining the way to the forest ceremonial site.  The 4 column arch was made by Dalton Gauthier of yaupon and held a large colorful arrangement of all sorts of flowers and greenery by Lovelace Décor-Dawn Gauthier,  who was the decorator for the wedding as well as the reception hall.  The forest and nature were transported inside the Lodge for the guests to continue what nature has provided .  The wedding favors were tiny succulents in pots for each guest to take home and enjoy.
Many of the guests enjoyed the fishing at Cochino.  Look for the largest fish of the day in the Fishing Report.
Dalton Gauthier was the Sound and Music and Event orchestrator.  As always Dalton had it running smoothly. His sound and music went into the forest and helped to make the ambiance so memorable.
 Please enjoy the  house photographs of this beautiful wedding, looking forward to seeing the professional work of the photographers later on. 





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