Thursday, June 6, 2019

Britiany and Donovan

Welcome to the World as Mr. and Mrs. Troup
A magical wedding with magical guests and a lot of Military friends  A feeling of Ireland. Old World.  Everything about the celebration was unique. What a special  group of family and friends that traveled far distances to witness this event.  Colorado Springs, Wellington Colorado, Rogers Arkansas, Olympia Washington, Osceola  Wisconsin, Easton Washington,  Platteville Colorado, Moscow Texas, St. Louis Missouri ,Chilhowee , Mo. , Germany, Lufkin, Livingston and other points in Texas.   This was truly a destination wedding in the beautiful forest of Eastern Texas.  Old trees on the hillside with a great history about them, the earth with a history of  being the Caddo Indians hunting ground,  the glistening water of the Lake, sounds and sights of so many birds, night animals and water foul  were entertaining and a wonder of nature.  Oldest county in Texas. We have been here for a long time and today we saw history in the making from the beginning. ...and forward with this beautiful celebration. 
The décor was designed by Kim Deaton and artistically created by her along with Kyle Deaton who can put anything together that she designs. The table décor had a circle theme, a circle within a circle that was laden with flowers and greenery. For the wedding ceremony, the huge circle arch was the perfect backdrop against the Old Oak Tree, decorated with greenery and the brides chosen colors of flowers.  The wedding took place here with guests wishing them well and happily ever after.  Steve and Katie Troup, grooms mother and dad helped with the days preparation and getting it all done.  What a delightful couple. 
A rehearsal dinner was enjoyed at Cochino, the night before the wedding. The wedding rehearsal ceremony was also held at this time with the officiant Malcom Carpenter, and Dalton Gauthier sound and music.
 Best man was Richard Gil Allgood:   Groomsmen: Logan Bunch, Josh Dragnet, Trey Saxon, Andrew Roden, Dylan Griffin:  Matron of Honor Stephanie Griffin:  Bridesmaids: Tori Scarcliff, Angie De La Torre, Jennifer Hawkins, Ariel Garcia, Aurora Garcia .
 The wedding reception dinner was delicious BBQ Chicken and Beef, Beans and Potato Salad and all the trimmings.  Sherry Gauthier, Chantilly Bliss Buffet Coordinator, had it all out and in place with beverages and ice in the dispensers. Sherry provided serving as well with her crew of Landon and Taylor.   No stress on the families. Sherry also had décor for the buffet area that added great ambiance for celebration.  So easy and no worry with Sherry and her crew.
After the meal and visiting and cake cutting, it was time for the First Dances and all of the other events that you do not want to forget at a wedding.  Dalton Gauthier provided the Music along with event announcement so that there was not an event missed. The music was so nostalgic and delightful. Sounds of Michael Buble  and 1940s sounds filled the air. So romantic.   Laurie Cordray, Photographer, was EVERYWHERE and did not miss anything. She is great and always a pleasure and so friendly and easy going and fun. I am anxious to see her wedding memories.  Lot of Dancing and celebration among the guests. A very special presentation was by Stephanie Troup Griffin(sister of the groom), who specializes in Irish Dancing , and is well known for being the best.
She was in Dublin, Ireland recently and was tops in this competition. Everyone Loved the River Dancing at Cochino that she shared with us.
She was totally mesmerizing.
The  dancing and music did not stop until the very end.  Fireworks and sparklers sent the new couple on their way.  The Fireworks reflected in the lake and were the perfect send off.  Laurie Cordray Photography was again on the spot documenting this.  Cordray was there from beginning to the end. 
Wow !!! It was a wonderland wedding of spirit, sight and sound and reminiscent of  another era.
Britiany and Donovan may you live happily ever after.





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